Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Minecraft, Part 3, Ores

So simple, no need for help!!
You can find lots more at

Minecraft, Part 2, Mobs 2/2

Note, the Sheep is in 2 pages!

The best of them all, a PIG!

A chicken, those spies!

A slime, if you have problems with this, you should really re-think about papercrafting :)


A cow

That's all for mobs. Ores will be in next post.

Minecraft, Part 1, Mobs 1/2

Firstly, it is The Player, Steve(?)
Good thing about these is that almost all of them are built of boxes :)

Then, it is a zombie. Build just like the Player.


A spider. It's a littlebit more complicated than else.

A ghast. Not too hard :)

In next post, it will be passive mobs.

Crawling Claw Pet

It does not snap fingers at the sound of Adams Family's theme... And about the beautiful ring it bears, we should alert: Beware, females of WoW, when a powerful, rich and evil warlock asks your hand in marriage. Maybe he does not want the rest of you to marry him... :D

Notes: There are various floating pieces here, be creative on how you will add them to the model...

Size: About 20 cm high
Difficulty: Hard (FLOATING PIECES!!)
Formats: PDO and PDF (Letter)

Download it HERE (MediaFire)