Sunday, July 24, 2011

3D 8-bit Mario

Good ol' Mario. It is based on the sprites from the original NES game, Super Mario Bros. There are also alternative textured versions for Fire Mario, Luigi and Mario as he appeared in Donkey Kong.
Download pack includes instructions, a lined and lineless version in each of the textures.

Approximate  Measurements:
Height: 15cm
Width: 12cm
Depth: 11cm

Pages: 7
Parts: 26
Difficulty: Medium

Follow the included instructions for help building. You shouldn't need any weights. You'll need to score every fold, so I highly reccomend beginners use the lined versions.

Template and photo by Squeezycheesecake

Download here

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Monday, June 20, 2011


Good luck on this one, the face is all small parts and there are some pants so the feet wouldnt float in the air. You'll also have to make hole in the cape to fit the arms thru.

Download here
Put some commentary if you're doing it :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Reins of the Raven Lord

Ok, this one is really hard. The beak, the wings, the feet... i'll rework this one a little but for now, to fit the wings and feet, you should make some paper cylinders and insert them into the links instead of using the tabs.

Download here

Friday, June 10, 2011


If you didn't know,  I was in Hungary for a few days, that's why no posts :P

006 / CHARIZARD - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Charizard
Type: Fire/Flying
Species: Flame Pokémon
Height: 1.7 m (5′07″)
Weight: 90.5 kg (199.5 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Unlike its pre-evolutions, it has wings that can allow it to fly. Charizard is a very dragon-like Pokémon. Like its previous forms, it has a long tail with a fire burning at the tip. It has extremely sharp claws, a long neck, and two horns protruding from the back of its head. The front of its two wings is blue, while the back is orange like the most of its body. Although hardly visible, Charizard's iris is light blue in color. Its belly and the undersides of its feet are cream-colored.

Height: 22.3 cm/ 8.8 in
Width: 27.3 cm / 10.7 in
Depth: 23.6 cm / 9.3 in
Pages: 9
Pieces: 68
Level: Medium-Hard
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Brandon
NOTES: Just follow the numbers, and it's pretty simple. Take special care with the wings and claws, they're the most difficult.

Download includes 2 versions: 1 regular version (Non Shiny) and 1 Mirrored version (Can be seen in Shiny, but is not purely shiny). Mirrored aspect not reflected in 3D representation of the pdo.

Also included is an additional texture pack including all of the varients from Brawl. (Requires PDO to use)

Download: A4 / Letter | Mirrored A4 / Mirrored Letter - Brawl Texture Pack

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Skull Hammer

The Skull Hammer is an item from the Wind Waker found after defeating Phantom Ganon in the Forsaken Fortress. It is a huge warhammer with the head being built inside a large skull, with a small rock hammer shaped counterweight at the other end of the shaft. In the game it's used as a slow but heavy hitting weapon against certain enemies, and for hammering pegs into the ground to solve puzzles.

This model is quite hard. It isn't very big but has a lot of detail, especially around the jagged 'teeth' of the skull.

Template and Picture by The Papercraft Couple

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rainbow Dash!

Capable and athletic, Rainbow Dash lives for adventure! Brave and bold, any pony who has ever seen this rainbow-themed Pegasus in the air has been left in jaw-dropped awe... -Hasbro

Rainbow Dash papercraft created by deviantARTist Kna.

My Little Pony Papercraft - Rainbow Dash [Download]
[via Ninjatoes]

Monday, May 2, 2011


Gamon... Used to be a low lvl dummy.. Now, a lvl 85 elite, with ability to charge and immune to crowd controlling.. What if he decides to revenge?

Size: 45 cm high
Difficulty: Medium
Format: PDO
Download it HERE (Mediafire)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule

Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Once the great King of Hyrule, he was sealed beneath the Great Sea along with the rest of Hyrule during the events of the Great Flood. Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule controls a boat named the King of Red Lions. During his search for a hero, he finds Link, whom he guides through his adventure. He created the Pirate's Charm, which he uses to communicate with Link over long distances several times during his quest.  

Download Here

Have fun!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Minecraft, Part 3, Ores

So simple, no need for help!!
You can find lots more at